The Punishment of Hell Part 2 – David Pawson

The Punishment of Hell Part 2 – David Pawson

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How long is suffering in Hell?

Jesus says: hell was not prepared for humans. It was prepared for the devil and his angels. (refer to sheep and goats prophecy).

Why did Jesus create hell?

  • Angels cannot die.
  • They are of a higher order than us.
  • They are stronger, more intelligent, and superior in every way.
  • They are immortal and are fixed in number.
  • Hell was designed to contain them.

What is the angellic experience in hell?

  • tormented day and night, forever and ever.
  • literal translation: unto the ages of the ages.

No difference in the destiny of demons and unrepentant humans.

  • The pseudo-Christ (often referred to as the Anti-Christ) and the beast are tormented there.
  • those that bear the mark of the beast will be punished forever.
  • sheep and goats prophecy, both their destiny’s are the same.

Who goes to hell?

1. Care Free Sinners

  • 120 sins listed in the New Testament. (e.g. fornicators, adulters, sexual immorality, etc).
  • Greed and idolatry are classified as the same.
  • Social injustices (e.g. slavery). 1 Tim. Slave traders go to hell.
  • The cowardly, those that fear man more than God. Rev 21.
  • Those that do not know God.
  • Those that do not obey the gospel.

2. Careless Saints

  • The 4 gospels talk the most about hell.
  • Matthew talks the most about hell.
  • Mark and Luke are gospels designed for sinners.
  • John and Matthew are gospels designed for believers.
  • The gospel of John is directed at mature believers.
  • The gospel of Matthew is directed at new believers.

The sermon on the Mount was addressed to the disciples (Mission of the Kingdom, Growth of the Kingdom, Community of the Kingdom, Future of the Kingdom).


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