The Normal Christian Birth Part 1- David Pawson

The Normal Christian Birth – David Pawson

(Notes taken from KR)
(transferred to the Kingdom of God)

Acts 8 & Acts 19
repented of their sins towards God
believed on the Lord Jesus.
baptised in water (in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit)
received the Holy Spirit (Jesus is the baptiser)

From the beginning entered into relationship with all 3 persons of the Trinity.

Hebrews 6 – repentance, faith, baptisms.

Colossians 2 – baptism can do nothing for you unless you came to it with faith.

– something that a person does
– to turn around
– a human act of turning around
– it has 4 stages  – see above (all 4 are acts of people)

But all 4 are also acts of God and that is what the New Testament means by regeneration.

At each step God does something and we also do something.

We tend to think regeneration is in an instant – but where it starts is in the 4 steps.
– it is a process that requires 4 steps to be put in place.
– once started, the process of birth is under way.

Along the process of being born again, it is more and more of God.


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