David Pawson – Receive The Holy Spirit

David Pawson – Receive The Holy Spirit (From the DVD – A Normal Christian Birth)

Our educational philosophy is based on Greek thinking, as opposed to Hebrew thinking.

Greeks could never synthesize the physical with the spiritual.

Hebrews say: Our God who is spirit, made the physical.

Western Thinking: A physical event cannot have a spiritual effect.

BUT the bible is full of tie-ups between the physical and spiritual: E.g. Eating of the tree of knowledge has spiritual effects.

Hebrew thinking: Physical things can effect the spiritual.

E.g. The tree of life was physical that had an eternal effect.

E.g. The occult through Ouija boards, physical actions connect with the spiritual.

How can a physical act, have a spiritual effect? E.g. Using our bodies in worship.

The Hebrew people worshiped the Lord with their bodies, clapped, danced, etc.

They laid hands on people. E.g. the normal way to receive the Holy Spirit was to have hands laid.

Every Christian needs two baptisms:

– in water: deals with your past, and leave you clean, and empty.

– in spirit: deals with your future, and leaves you filled.

It is dangerous to be an empty Christian, because you clean one demon out, and then it comes back with 6 of its friends. Therefore it’s important to see sins out of a persons life, and then see it filled with something else. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Sin is a pleasure… for a season. But if it is not replaced, you will become miserable.

I am to be Crucified with Christ, Buried with Christ, and Raised with Christ, and Filled with Christ.

Receiving the Holy Spirit is not the same thing as repentance.

Receiving the Holy Spirit is not the same thing as believing.

If nothing happened when someone was supposed to receive the Holy Spirit, then the apostles did not believe that the person received the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is definite, and everyone should know.

We have wrongly transferred the identity of the Holy Spirit to Jesus.

From the day of Pentecost onwards, we are told to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is no longer on the earth in flesh, he is in Heaven seated on the right hand side of the Father.

Believing in Jesus is not the same as receiving the Holy Spirit.

You cannot know if a person has been justified or received by God until they can manifest His Holy Spirit. This is the proof that you belong to Christ.

God does not give His spirit to the world, only a true believer can receive.

It is possible to believe in Jesus and NOT be accepted by God (Act 8, Acts 19). In Samaria after they heard the gospel, they repented, believed in Jesus, were baptized in His name, BUT none of them received the Holy Spirit. How did anyone know they hadn’t received the Holy Spirit?

ONLY if the reception of the Holy Spirit was accompanied by outward evidence.

Baptism and Receiving the Holy Spirit is a definite event.

Receiving the Holy Spirit often happened shortly after baptism, sometimes before, but never during.

Receiving the Holy Spirit is NOT the same as water baptism. It is a separate event.

“The Peter Package”

Nouns used in the reception of the Holy Spirit:



Deposit – God’s first down payment from heaven. The rest will follow.

Renewal – God restoring us to our original condition.

Lord I ain’t what I am meant to be, I’m not what I should be, but thank God I’m not what I was.

Verbs used to describe the reception of the Holy Spirit:



Baptized = plunged/dipped into the Holy Spirit


Fall on

Come upon

Poured Out upon

(- Very fluid words used)

Seal – a commercial word, E.g. When a person purchased a property, he received a seal.

Anoint – As the OT kings and priests were anointed with oil, we are anointed with the Spirit.

A person will know if they have received the Holy Spirit.

How do you know when a person has received the Holy Spirit? What is the outward expression?

  • when it overflows

  • you only know when a person is full, when they overflow

  • It will come out of the mouth from the heart. Your mouth will overflow.

  • E.g. When you are full of joy, you laugh.

  • E.g. When you are full of sorrow, you howl.

  • E.g. When you are full of anger, you swear.

  • E,g, When you cry our involuntarily. It is something overflowing from the mouth.

Tongues – the word is foreign languages.

  • is the only gift that helps yourself.

  • is the only gift that edifies/helps yourself.

Paul use to pray in tongues often, and that’s what helped him to get through shipwrecks, whippings, prison, etc.

That spontaneous spiritual speech is the proof that you have received the Holy Spirit.



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4 responses to “David Pawson – Receive The Holy Spirit

  1. I’m encouraged to see a study based on David Pawson’s teaching here. We need more of this kind of teaching in the US.

  2. biblestudiez

    Thanks for your comment. I totally agree. Not only the US though, the whole world needs more teaching like David Pawson.

  3. The whole world needs strong Biblical teaching regardless of the servant that is teaching.


  4. The little that I have been able to access of the teachings of David Pawson makes a whole lot of sense to me. This teaching on the Holy Spirit is very encouraging.

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