Jericho (Bet Yerah, “the House of the Moon God”)

The following excerpt is taken from:  Koinonia House Online

Jericho (Bet Yerah, “the House of the Moon God”) was the capital of the strongest of the seven nations then occupying the land of Canaan.  (It is interesting that it is again, even in our day, the stronghold of Israel’s enemies!)

Despite the declarations of the well-known song, who really “fought the battle of Jericho”?  It wasn’t Joshua!  It was Jesus, in an Old Testament appearance.

What else makes the battle of Jericho so remarkable?  It wasn’t just the walls falling down!  Almost every ordinance of the Torah seems to have been violated.  The Levites were not supposed to go to war, yet they led the march.  The Israelites were supposed to work only six days – and rest on the seventh, the Sabbath.  Yet here they do seven times as much on the seventh day.  And they are not to shout during the various marches, but to keep silent (except for the trumpets) until the seventh time on the seventh day.

Those familiar with their Bible can’t help but notice that preceding the seven trumpet judgments in Revelation, there is silence in heaven for half an hour.Perhaps here’s a clue.


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