Recommended Book List

Two books I would recommend for any Christian that desires to serve God better would be:

1. Ruined for the Ordinary (Joy Dawson) – hearing God’s voice
2. Daring to Live on the Edge (Loren Cunningham) – faith and finances

Other readings that have changed my life:

  1. Passion for Jesus (Mike Bickle) – Jesus really loves you and is small enough to care about even the little things.
  2. Prayer (Philip Yancey) – Yes, God really does hear your prayers, especially when you’re angry, sad and frustrated.
  3. Love Not The World (Watchman Nee)* – Limiting God’s work based upon your bank account is idolatry.
  4. Sit, Walk, Stand (Watchman Nee) – Growing and maturing in the Christian walk.
  5. George Muller (George Muller) – Don’t ask man for anything that God can give you.
  6. Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret (Hudson Taylor) – God really does provide for all your needs.
  7. Church Shift (Sunday Adelaja) – Nigerian Pastor leading the largest congregation in Eastern Europe. Briging God’s Kingdom on earth.
  8. The Heavenly Man (Brother Yun) – The faith of the persecuted Chinese Christians can move the worlds most populace nation!
  9. How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God (Kenneth E. Hagin) – Hearing and following the Holy Spirit… really.
  10. Chasing The Dragon (Jackie Pullinger) – Receive the Holy Spirit today! If drug addicts, prostitues and pimps can, why wait?

*This book helped to set my soul into a spiritual revival. Highly recommended.


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